The Best 7 Content Writing Strategies For Bloggers And Writers.

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There are content writing strategies that content writers should follow through. Those Content writing strategies will help you as a content writer to be able to pen down a good content that will provide value to your audience. When you have a good content writing strategy you will be able to sell your content fast and be able to convince your audience with your contents.

content marketing strategies
content strategies

The best thing you can do as a content writer is to get a way that you can write your content so that you will be able to provide solution to the queries your audience are looking for. When you are able to do that, your audience will come back for more.

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Have you ever notice in your journey as a content writer that your audience are decreasing or increasing? The rising and falling of your audience depends on the type of content writing strategies you used when writing your content as well as the value you provide. That will decide whether your audience will come for more or log out without returning.

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In this article, I will show you the 7 content writing strategies to use while writing so that your clients or audience will beg you to publish more contents for their consumption.

7 Content Writing Strategies

Here are the 10 Content writing strategies that will bring your audience attention closer.
These are what you need to consider when writing content.

Be point driven:

As a content writer, you should be able to drive out points in your article that will be able to convince your readers. Those points should be what people are searching for base on the topic.

content marketing strategies
Point Driven

Focus on the topic you are writing on, this will help keep your audience on your article to get the necessary information they need. You might have points in your long content; but not everyone will be patient enough to read deeply into the words to get the key points they wanted. Rather, they will leave in a little time.

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Short Paragraph:

Structuring your paragraph when writing your content is very important. What you should do as a content writer is to make your paragraph short. People don’t like spending time on to many sentences. Provide solution and stop. Don’t start bringing stories that are out of contents.

content marketing strategies
Short Paragraph

However, there are stories in real life that can actually relate to content. If that can provide solution to your audience then you are allowed to do so; but let it be brief.

Preferably when writing a paragraph for your article; a paragraph should not contain more than four sentences. It is advisable that a paragraph should be two or three sentences with clear explanation.

Short paragraph is one of the content writing strategies that you should consider in each of your content. It helps your readers read through your content with less stress.

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Keep the Language Simple:

The intensity of a language matters when writing your content.

As a writer, your content should be for middle class readers. Clear and well research article will keep your conversation with readers.

Do not use high class grammars when writing your contents. Your readers may not be read your content with a dictionary with them but getting the necessary information they want will solve their query.

Write as you speak:

This is very important content writing strategy that you need to implement. Write your article like you are speaking with someone. You can use “you” when referring and “I” for yourself. That’s the personal pronoun and the second person singular.

This will set up your reader’s mind as if he is talking to someone. This sounds strange right? Try it out and you will give me a feedback that you got from your clients or readers.

Actionable Content:

Focus on providing value to your readers. Don’t stuff out keywords to favor search engines.

Many content writers write contents for search engine forgetting that their readers should be their aim. There are content writing strategies that works well for both your audience and the search engine.

When you are able to convince your readers with your content not search engine then your readers will return back. Without the readers the search engine won’t be there.

Note: Readers last but search engine algorithm changes with time. Why not white for your audience?

Show your readers a step to get convincing result from your content.

Use related pictures:

Pictures are very important in content writing. The pictures should be able to give out the information you are providing in a pictorial form.

Research has shown that people pay attention more on the visual representation of information than the written. Why? Because it captures the mind of the readers fast. When writing your content add a visual representation of your content.

There are visual content tools that will help you achieve that in a short while. Canva will work well for you when making a pictorial representation of your content.

Read as an Audience:

Your content is for your audience. What you should do here is that you should read your content yourself, with that you will know what to fix.

Content marketing strategies

Ask yourself, is there a place that needs editing or not clear? You as the content writer, you should be able to figure that out.

Read your content aloud so that you will get the information right.

Read your content over and over again before publishing or delivering. To get the best of your content to provide the solution to the audience query you have to figure out the necessary errors.

When you read over and over again you will spot corrections, edit it and make your content presentable.

There also tools that can help you in content creation. You can check on SIMPLIFIED to help you on content writing.


These seven content writing strategies are the strategies I have been using in creating my content and selling out. Start using the strategies and you will get a good result, your clients will come with more offer because they have seen that quality writer they have been in search for a long time for content writing job. Even if it will take them emptying their pocket, they will do that to get the best content.

This is where you will bill your clients and they will pay you out with no worries because they have gotten what they wanted.

Content writing is the business of the present. Information is good and profitable as well when you do it in the right way. Start your next content writing with the given 7 content marketing strategies and you will sell well in the content writing market.

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