About Us

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Genialpeak is a blog powered by Nephenco Technologies company. Genialpeak was formerly known as genialpeak.blogspot.com but as from February 12, 2021, it becomes genialpeak.com.

Why We Designed Geniapeak.

Genialpeak was initially an entertainment blog. However, the company saw that there is need to help people out in this 21st century through the knowledge of Digital Skills. The company is more concern on how to grow the skills people have and to help those without the skills to learn so as to be part of the moving train in technology.

The Aim of Genialpeak

The aim of Nephenco Technologies company that brought about the designing of this blog is to help teach and equip large number of audience on how to start and run a business as well as following the Digital Market with digital skills that can help them out as a side hustle if possible full time job.

About the Company

The CEO of Nephenco Technologies is very much concern on how many people are struggling to start a business as well as how to earn money from it. The CEO brought the idea to the company and they were able to bring about this blog. This blog will be a gold mine to your source of income.