5 Best Blogging Platforms

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Blogging is an online content distribution that allows people to share their information, skills or experience to many audience that are interested in the information. The world is growing and the need of Digital Contents are in high demand. I will be giving you the best blogging platforms that will help you share your contents easily. To help people grow and share their ideas company are coming up with the best blogging platform so as to help people share there ideas easily. Those blogging platform will help in sharing and receiving the ideas or knowledge in your comfort.

Why You Should Choose The Best Blogging Platform.

In the recent century, blogging has been one of the lucrative business that people are into. With the available of device, power and bandwidth you can set up your own digital platform so as to be able to reach out your information to a wide range of audience.

However, so many people have this thought on how to share their knowledge to a wide range of audience but there is a major issue hindering them from doing that. Anyone that wants to go into blogging needs to know the platforms that will make him deliver his knowledge to a wide audience. Not only the platform but the best blogging platform that will work out for them on what they want.

There are platforms that will help you deliver your knowledge to a wide range of audience. Those platforms have been use by millions of people and they are delivering their knowledge at their own space. This are the list of the most used and best blogging Platforms that will help you deliver your knowledge to a wide range of audience without stress. The blogging platforms are mostly referred as Content Management System (CMS). This are the list of the most common and the best blogging platform to choose.

5 Best Blogging Platform.

If I will you need a recommendation of the best blogging platform to use, I will suggest to pick one out of the 5 platforms below.

1. WordPress.org:

WordPress.org is a Content Management System that was written in PHP script for use with MySQL. This was done by web developers so as to reduce time factor in designing a platform that will be able to contain contents that will be deliver to audience. WordPress was brought by Michel Valgrighi.

WordPress is seen as one of the best blogging Content Management System in the recent century. WordPress powered up to 40% of the contents and webpages available online. The first version of WordPress was released in 2003.

Wordpress Dashboard
WordPress Blogging platform.

WordPress has huge number of community to its name. Customization of WordPress platform can be done in so many ways to suit the user needs. WordPress customization has brought so in touch with it, because it delivers better features to its users. WordPress features of customization makes it the best blogging platform just because it’s customization features is high.

There are always cons and pros for each and every Content Management System out there. Let’s get a good look of the pros and cons of WordPress.org


WordPress.org is a Content Management System that gives you a total control on your website. WordPress user can do whatever he wants in his blog to suit his taste.

WordPress has the room for users to add extra features to your website. Those features can give your blog extra taste. Some of those features that can be easily added using WordPress.org are forums, online stores for selling goods live chats and so many others that you want so as to suit your taste.

It has thousands of themes that will help your website looks good to you and your users. Site customization helps to retain audience on your site. With that, customization comes up. With WordPress.org you can do your customization easily and fast.

WordPress.org gives you access to over 50, 000 WordPress plugins for free. You might want to know what plugins are. Plugins are a set of instructions written in a programming language as a piece of software, it enables good functionalities as well as extra features to your WordPress site. It sounds interesting right? That’s the test for you.

WordPress.org has SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plugins that improves the performance of your site to search engines and your audience. With it’s SEO features it has been regarded as the best blogging platform by bloggers and most content promotion users.

Did you want to get a visual insight on the best blogging platforms? Watch my video on the best blogging platforms to choose.

2. Blogger:

Blogger is an online Content Management System that was developed by Pyra Labs and later acquired by Google in 2003. Blogger enables multi user blogs per a Blogspot. Blogger is free and user friendly especially to beginners. Blogger Blogspot can also be seen as best among the many blogging platform. When starting newly on blogging Blogspot is the best blogging platform to consider as a newbie.

Here is my bonus article on How To Open A Free Blogspot Blog. 5 Easy Steps To Follow.

Free blogspot interface
Blogspot Dashboard

Blogger is naturally indexed by Google when creating your contents, and it also makes your analytics easier because it comes with Integrated Google Analytics features. It features integrated by Google makes it one of the best blogging platform recommended by Google.

To start up on Blogspot Click Here To Sign Up.

Blogger has limited features that requires advance skills by users that want to add extra features to their website. The knowledge of coding is required to achieve that. If you are good in programming you will enjoy Google Blogspot platform.

3. Joomla:

Joomla is an open source Content Management System that was launched in 2005, version 1.0. Joomla is a is phonetic drive from Swahili “Jumla” which means all together.

Joomla as a best blogging platform
Joomla Dashboard

Joomla has a good customisation features that enables user perform several performance on their website. Users can make advance customisation using Joomla.

Joomla open source ability makes it one of the best blogging platform with it’s customisation features.

4. Wix:

Wix is another Content Management System that was built by an Israeli Software Company in the year 2006 by Avishai Abrahamic, Nadav Abrahamic and Gupta Kaplan. Wix is an easy Content Management System that has a drag and drop features. The drag and drop features on Wix makes the CMS to be easier than other Content Management Systems.

Wix as ome of the best blogging platform
Wix Dashboard

Wix has a wide range of templates that enables it users to choose how the want their blog appearance to be. Users can change their blog look with thousands free templates with them.

However, their are ads which pops on the Wix Management System. It helps direct and makes some advertisement to its users.

Wix free plan has limited storage. If want to enjoy the best of Wix with unlimited storage then you can upgrade to Wix Paid plan.

What makes Wix as one of the best blogging platform is it’s drag and drop features. You will just pick what you want and place it the the position of your choice. This has less work compare to other blogging platform. Though. some blogging platforms like WordPress has similar features but that of Wix is more compatible.

5. Medium

Medium is a blogging platform that allows writers to write and share contents. Those contents shared on Medium reach about 1 million audience across the globe. Medium makes your blogging journey easy. Using the platform and also how it makes blogging easier is seen one of the best blogging platform.

Medium the best blogging platform

Medium a a micro blogging platform that was founded by Ev Williams in August, 2012. Ev Williams is also a couple founder of Twitter and Blogger blogging platform.

How Medium works

Medium allows it users to sign up and start publish engaging contents on the platform. A writing dashboard is provided to the publishers. What you need to do is to just write your content then publish it.

However, there is a juicy part of Medium that you need to know. Which is how to earn money on medium.

Medium pays it publishers on the platform. They don’t pay directly but there are some things you have to achieve before medium will accept you as a partner so as to be able to get a share of your revenue as you publish articles.

Now we know some blogging platform that will help us in blogging. It is left for you know to decide on which blogging platform to use for blogging.

A piece of advice that you can consider before choosing a blogging platform. If you want to create a big brand blog for business purpose or grow your blogging journey fast I will recommend you to use WordPress. Reason. WordPress has so many features that will help you have a good user interface with your users.

For Blogspot. If you want start a blog and you have low budget you can choose Blogspot. The fact is that Blogspot is more friendly for those that are want to start their blogging newly. In a later run when you start getting a good amount of money from your blogging journey you can migrate from Blogspot to a better blogging platform of your choice. You can also decide to remain on Blogspot as your wish is. There are so many bloggers that are using Blogspot to blog and still making good amount with it. You can do so as well.

Blogspot and WordPress are the best blogging platform to consider for your journey.

If you want to get a WordPress or Blogspot blog for your blogging, you can contact us through our social handle below and our support team will consider creating or customising one for you.

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