Ezoic Ads Review [Best Google Adsense Alternative]

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Publishers are always on a search for a way to monetize their blog to help them increase their revenue. That is a nice idea to any publisher that wants to increase their revenue. For you to increase your revenue, you have to do research to get a monetization method that will work for you. That is why I provide you with the best Ezoic Ads review to read for yourself and know more about.

Ezoic Ads Reviwe

Get Started on Ezoic Ads

You might have been looking for the best Google Adsense alternative that will be part of your ads as a publisher, Ezoic Ads will serve you the best.

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Have you been rejected by Google Adsense? Did you face Ads limit with Google Adsense? Are you having low CPC with Google Adsense? Have you been rejected by other Ads networks? If there is any trouble you are facing from the above listed questions then you are step ahead to better earnings with Ezoic Ads.Ezoic Ads will be the best alternative to increase your revenue.

However, before I take you fully on Ezoic Ads review, lets know about this publication company and how their services are.

What are Ezoic Ads?

Ezoic is a leading ad optimization company that helps publishers reap the benefits of programmatic advertising. They are one from many Google Adsense partners that share similarities with Google Adsense. They partner with the world’s giant ads publisher (Google) to make advertisements easier and faster.

Ezoic Ads review

Get Started On Ezoic Ads

Things You Should Know About Ezoic Ads Company.

Ezoic has its own AI-writing tool called Scribe. Using Scribe, publishers can manage all their ad campaigns across multiple networks and channels in real time. They can also create customised ads for their audience which will improve engagement rates and fill up more space on web pages, thereby increasing the revenue per visitor.

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Ezoic makes use of artificial intelligence to provide advertisers with the most effective ways to reach their target audience. They use the power of AI to help advertisers identify audiences for their ads on digital publishers’ sites.

Ezoic is a marketing platform that provides advertisers with options for fairly managing bids for ad placements across publishers. By using AI, Ezoic has created an automated bidding system that maximises the efficiency of ads on participating publisher sites while providing transparency and fairness to all participants.

Ezoic ads are the first of their kind to offer features like on-click conversion goals, responsive design, A/B testing and an analytics dashboard.

One of the most appealing features of Ezoic ads is on-click conversion goals. You can set a goal for on-page conversions on specific parts of your website that you want to promote, then track how many visitors visit those pages and click through to the desired page.

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This combined with an analytics dashboard is what makes Ezoic ads so powerful. It tracks precise, real-time data for every campaign running across their network which means they can serve more relevant ads than ever before.

Ezoic provides a suite of services to help marketers improve their performance. The company has been recognized with a number of awards for its innovative platform design and solid execution.

The company has been around for a few years now and it’s steadily making a name for itself. The team behind the company is also solid – filled with clients from past companies such as Pepsi, Spotify, Facebook, Google and Amazon.

Ezoic is revolutionising the online advertising industry by providing an all-in-one, intelligent solution that handles both digital marketing and ad delivery in one place.

Ezoic ads were developed by a team of ad creatives and technology professionals to improve the web experience for both advertisers and users.

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The Ezoic ads work with the Amazon Web Services, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini.

Ezoic is the next generation programmatic advertising solution. It’s an AI-powered platform that can automate your entire advertising workflow, which also includes automating ad placement on millions of sites across the web, testing and optimising ads on dozens of channels to find out which ones are working best, and providing full transparency so you always know what’s happening with your ads.

It’s worth noting that Ezoic has many different uses for advertisers. You can use it to either accelerate or automate anything from ad buying to landing page optimization, ensuring you’re always finding the best possible outcomes for your campaigns.

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Ezoic ads is an AI based system that helps customers to increase website traffic and conversions. This enterprise-grade system works on the very first principle of media planning – it determines which prospect will be most likely to convert. In other words, it helps companies to give consumers what they want the most by predicting the perfect fit for their business needs.

In addition, Ezoic ads can predict how much time a prospect spends on a website and design a media plan according to these stats. It even provides advertisers with a dashboard that shows all of their statistics in one place.

It is important for advertisers to know what this AI-based software tool is capable of and learn about its features, advantages, use cases and possible disadvantages before deciding if it suits their business needs or not.

Ezoic ads is a revolutionary optimization software that lets publishers have the ultimate control over their advertising. Publishers are able to fully automate their ad serving process without any human involvement or risk of tedious manual tasks.

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Many publishers are looking for ways to optimise their revenue channels in order to gain an edge over the competition. It is also important for them to keep up with the rapidly changing world of online advertising, which can be difficult if they don’t have the necessary tools. Fortunately, there are some solutions on the market that can help with this issue by providing publishers with an opportunity to automate their ad serving process in order to avoid common pitfalls and waste less time on tedious manual tasks. One of these solutions is Ezoic ads.

Monetize with Ezoic

Ezoic Ads Payment Method

This is another thing that publishers consider when trying to be part of any publication company. Payment method is important as to get your payment at your reach.

Ezoic has the policy of paying their publishers in arrears, meaning for example: you should expect January payment at the end of February from the range of 27th -31st of the following month.

What do you do to get paid?

For you to get paid on Ezoic, you need this three things

  • ·         You must earn at least $20 in the previous month of serving ads
  • ·         Make sure you fill up the tax form
  • Make sure that you have chosen your payment method

Here are the Payment Methods available on Ezoic

Ezoic support the following payment methods;

  •       Cheque
  •       Paypal (payments are done in USD but also have four currencies alternatives)
  •      Direct Deposit (they make deposit to the bans in the US and also through payoneer only for the residents in the US)
  • ·         International Wire Transfer
  • ·         Payoneer prepaid card


Ezoic has proved in recent years that they are the best Google Adsense alternatives with a good rate for payments. They are Google Adsense partners and they have similarities in ads placement of which checked it reads “Ads by Google”,

Have you been blogging for a while and yet to get Google Adsense approval? Then you should try Ezoic and you will enjoy blogging and feel what Google Adsense publishers are feeling like.  


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