High Paying niche in blogging [CPC]

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There are things things to consider when you think of going into blogging. One of the important aspect in blogging is choosing the right niche for you blogging journey. High Paying CPC niche in blogging will help you earn good amount in blogging despite you having low traffic.

How then will I know the high CPC niche in blogging? This is a question that will pop up in your mind. Well, let us get to know what Niche is before we know how to get the high paying niche in blogging.

What’s A Niche?

The definition of Niche differs, but for now I will give out the meaning of niche base on blogging.

A niche is a topic that you choose to provide people with information in your blogging journey. All that you will give value on will have to be on that topic.

Friendly advice: When going into blogging. You are advised to choose just one niche. Reason: So that your audience will see you as a professional in that niche. Your audience will not love it to come to your blog getting information about Technology, then scroll down and see celebrity news. That does not sound professional, with that, it will increase your blog bounces rate in blogging.

Now that we know what Niche is, let us know how to get the high paying niche in Blogging.

What’s Is High Paying Niche In Blogging?

This is niche that the advertisers paid more amount to get their business well promoted. The advertisers will pay for the promotion of the ads and the company will share the revenue to the publishers base on the promotion made. Those ads company will share the percentage of the revenue generated with the publishers, not so like affiliate marketing that people earns commision for the product you promoted.

However, there are high paying affiliate niche that you can check them out incase you are not monetizing your blog through ads. I made and intensive article on the high paying affiliate niche that you can promote a good or services and earn good commision.

The more amount paid by the advertisers the more amount you make as the adverts publishers. There are different companies that are responsible for sharing the ads to the advertisers. Google AdSense is the most ads company with millions of publishers all over the world.

There are many advertisement companies. It remain for you to choose the ad company to use as a publisher.

Now that we have know what is high paying niche in blogging. Let us know the high paying niche in blogging.

High Paying Niche In Blogging.

To get the high paying niche, you have to make a research. There are keyword research tools that helps you get the high paying niche in Blogging.

This are they niche in Blogging that AdSense and other ads companies pay high to publishers.

1. Domain Teaching

Domain Teaching is a lucrative niche in blogging that teaches people about their Psychomotive behavior. This deals with their character and how they should relate with people.

High paying niche in blogging
Domain Teaching

People really need to know about their selves and how to be with people for a better living.

The earning in domain teaching comes from ads, but mostly this niche has more sponsored post than ads. In sponsored post you will charge base on your blog authority.

2. Gadgets

This is a high paying blogging niche that deals with Gadgets. Things like mobile phones, ear piece, and other related accessories. In your blog, you should be able to let people about the brand, it’s capacity and any other necessary things people needs to know about that gadget.

high paying niche in blogging
Gadgets as a high paying nicne in blogging

Bringing out information about that, it will help people who wants to purchase any gadget know about what the gadget is capable of and the features as well. With this, people will come to your blog to check the gadgets out before buying.

The earning in gadgets niche is high, because many companies are in the production of gadgets and the want their gadgets to be we recognized. Here the advertisers pay the publishers high so that they can be able to advertise their products. It is high because there is competition in the production of gadgets today.

3. Crypto Currency

Crypto currency is a high paying niche in blogging in the present days. Since the arrival of the digital coins, people tend to leverage through it as an alternative to earning. Others as there main means of earning.

Coins and airdrops are been drop. People want to know which country is available in the market so that they will get it before it increase in price. The rate of people going into crypto currency can’t be over emphasized.

You as the blogger in a crypto currency it is advisable that you know much about crypto currency so that you can be able to tell your audience how each coin is moving in the market, which coin to invest into and also sell. With this, you will drive more traffic to your blog and it will make you earn high.

4. Health

Health is a profitable niche in Blogging that deals with the well being of people. It can be of animals as well.

This niche in Blogging help people to get solutions to their health issue so that they can seek some first aid before meeting the doctor.

Health as a high paying niche in blogging
Health Niche In Blogging

Moreover, this niche is very sensible, it is preferable to those that have knowledge on medical related issues. Man’s health is very important.

The earning is this niche is good. Medical organization bids high so as to get their services seen over the world. For those in the Pharmacist aspect, they will like people to know about the new and available drugs around.

This is a high paying niche in Blogging that deals with the sales if housing and comfort places. There are house for rent or sale this built available in strategic places so that people will get the place to live.

Now, the owners of the housing will pay their publishers so that they can be able to advertise their houses for people.

Moreover, this type of advertisement is made easy for publisher. A publisher do not necessarily needs a blog. But to help get payment from AdSense and other monetization programs, it is advisable to get a blog so as to look professional.

Now that we have known that, domain teaching, gadgets, crypto currency, health and real estate are among the high paying niche in Blogging. What you need to do know is toake your research on them to see which niche will favor you. Get your budget and start your blog today.

There are so many niche that are profitable as well. Also consider your passion, what you are good at that you won’t run out of idea. When you do that you will excel as well in blogging.

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