How To Get Your Money Back On PayPal When Scammed

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PayPal is one of the most reliable online money transaction service that enables transfer and receives money from different online business users. PayPal users sends and received money using the medium. One thing you need to know is that where there is money scammers will also be there. You might have thought on how to get your money back on PayPal when scammed.

There are so many PayPal users that have lost their money with PayPal due to scam activities online. Those online users really want to know how to get their money back from PayPal if scammed, because is not something of joy to work hard a make a penny and someone will come within a second to get off your money without doing anything that deserves that money.

PayPal is used mostly by online users that earned by providing online goods and services. PayPal had over 300 million active registered users. Business owners and people using PayPal have been using the service for their payment method, because PayPal is the surest online transaction medium for online marketers or people that sends money to their loved ones around the world.

The way PayPal operates in some countries call for scam in some part of the country. This happened usually to those that PayPal doesn’t support their country. Those that were scammed really want to know how to get their money back from PayPal if they are scammed.

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How To Use PayPal So That You Can Get Your Money Back If Scammed

PayPal has a way at which their users can send money so as to make their transaction proper. Their method of their transaction guarantees your money back from PayPal if scammed when you follow the right process. There are PayPal users that don’t follow the right process of transaction and when scammed they won’t have the means to get their money back.

This How To Send Money To Other Users Of PayPal That Will Guarantee Your Money Back From PayPal If Scammed

This are the right way to send your money to other PayPal users.

a. Open a dispute in the resolution center in the PayPal interface.

b. Always make sure you send the money using a debit card. Those that used the debit card has the surest way to get their money back from PayPal when they get scammed by the funds receiver. The money will take up to 30 days for the credited card to get the money back if scammed.

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c. Cancel the payment done so that you can get your money back from PayPal within 3-5 working days.

The transaction should be cancelled on time when you noticed that you are scammed so as to help the PayPal team to refund back your money without much stress.

PayPal refund back the scammed transaction so as to help you have your money with you. For you to always get your money back their are some policy that the PayPal user has to follow and those policy are to be strictly adhere to. PayPal has what they called “PayPal Refund Policy” . This refund policy are the ways at which PayPal help you get your money back from them if scammed. Let’s get to know the PayPal refund policy so as to be safe in our transaction.

PayPal Refund Policy

a. 180 days refund policy:

The 180 be days refund policy works like this. When you paid for a good or services using PayPal and you didn’t get what you requested for or maybe you detect a Scammed action then you can cancel the transaction as long as it’s in the pending process. You can easily cancel the transaction you made immediately from your own end and PayPal will cancel the transaction you made as well. The pending process takes time on PayPal. Canceling the transaction will be the best thing to do to get your money back from PayPal before the money is delivered. Don’t allow the transaction to be successful before you cancel the transaction.

b. Purchase protection on PayPal

PayPal allows you as a user to receive a whole reimbursement. The reimbursement may involve your shipping cost as well.

c. Charge backs

Charge backs is a tool that is used mainly for those that are scammed. This is how it works. As PayPal team receives a charge back request from the credit card company or owner, PayPal will freeze the reported account until when the issue of transaction is solved.

This are the three ways explained above at which PayPal can get your money back after been scammed as a PayPal team. Any action that goes against this three method then it’s beyond their reach.

PayPal has been very useful and important in the online marketing system. It makes payment easier and faster even more reliable. Why did I said reliable? Here is it. PayPal is one of the online transaction means that has the ability to get you your money back when scammed. They frown at that un ruled attitude that’s why they have PayPal refund policy. There are allot of testimony in the use of PayPal, that’s why is said is the most reliable. There is less issue with PayPal compared to other online banking system.

There are some of the online banking system that you will discover that your money will just go off without any trace of scam activity. The account user didn’t send any amount of money to someone talk more of getting scammed by the person sent but the amount in the dashboard won’t be available.
PayPal have good support team that will always listen to your issue concerning PayPal and solved it for you within a short period of time.

There are allot of online banking gateway that are available for online business, but PayPal is recommended for your online transaction. Everything that you need to know about PayPal is cleared. The fear of you loosing your money should be off for now. When you think of loosing your money on PayPal then remember that PayPal has a refund policy that will help you get your money back when scammed. PayPal frowns at scamming activities from their users.


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