How To Open A Free Blogspot Blog [4 Easy step To Follow]

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How To Open A Free Blogspot Blog In 2021

You might have been hearing about the word blog or blogging. Those it exists? Yes blog exist. One thing you might have hear about blogging again is how to make money from it. Sure people are cashing out upto 6 figure earning from blogging. It sounds interesting right? You will enjoy this article. I will like you to read to the end of this article so that you will not miss any step on how to open a free blogspot blog. Before I continue, I will like you to know the meaning of some important keywords I will be using in this article. The words are Blog, Blogging and Blogspot.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website that it’s contents or pages are regularly updated by the owner or an organisation.

Any website that is regularly updated is called a blog an some example of such websites are genialpeak, freshloaded and much more. At the other hand websites that are not regularly updated can not be seen as a blog. Those sites are always static. They can’t be call a blog because their contents are not updated. An example of such website is Nephenco Technologies Portfolio website.

However, there are small business that you can do that doesn’t require much capital. You can check my article on 6 most profitable business to start with little or no capital.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the process an author updates his blog regular with contents.

In terms of blogging as a business. Blogging can be seen as the regular update of contents in a blog which involves technical method that will help the user and the search engine to get the best result. To open a free blogspot blog shows that you need to update it regularly so that you will be able to meet the users need.

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot is a free content management system (CMS) that help publishers (bloggers) to blog their content.

Note: Blogspot is free. There is no payment involved before you can use it. It’s is free and powered by Google.

Furthermore, Blogspot is a blogging platform owned by Google that helps bloggers publish their contents easily to wide range of users across the world. There are so many Blogging platforms that you can use aside from blogspot (CMS) that you can use for Blogging. It depends on which one and the one you want to use for your Blogging journey. You can check out the (best Blogging platforms to use).

Now that we have know the definition of some keyword that I am going to use in this article, let’s get to know how we can open a free blogspot blog.

How To Open A Free Blogspot Blog Step By Step Guide In 2021

You need a device (Either mobile phone or a Computer).

Step 1.

Go to your browser. Every browser you have available on your device. Use a browser of your choice. If you want to follow this process as you open then you can open a new tab on your computer then follow the steps as you read, if you are using a mobile device then you can use a different browser to open as you use this on to read. (Go to and click on sign up). You will be required to sign up using your email account.

To open a free Blogspot you need to have an Email account. If you don’t have an email account you can click here so as to create one.

Did you prefer watch how to open a free blogspot blog? Then watch my video on how to open a free blogspot Blog for free.

Step 2.

After signing up, you will be directed to the next step which is where you will add your blog title. Add your blog title and click next.

Step 3.

You will be required to add your blog address: It is called domain in the Blogging world. (For example, However the will be added automatically. Just add your blog name. This is an important aspect when you are creating your free blogspot blog. You might see unavailable in the process of adding your blog name. Keep trying related names till it shows you available then click next.

Step 4.

Boom you are there. An interface like this will appear to you. What you need to do here is to customise your blog to your taste. Did you want to confirm that your blog is live now on Google? The put in a new tab and see for yourself.

If you follow all step above carefully you will discover that you have successfully created your own blog. This is what you should do to make it run. Customise the blog to your taste as well as the users. Choose the best niche that you can write on without running out of ideas. Publish them. If you are Blogging for passion it’s good. Your passion will turn into profit in the later run, but if you are Blogging to make a lot of money then there are list of high paying niche in Blogging. Those niche have a high CPC compare to others. The best thing to do for a start is to blog on what you are good on.

This are the steps to follow to open a free blogspot blog. It seems simple right? That’s it. You can start your journey in Blogging.

However, if you need help in creating a free blogspot blog or customising you can contact us by filling the contact form below.

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