19 Full Guide on How To Publish Kindle Ebooks on Amazon

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Kindle ebook publishing is a way to earn money online through publishing books on Amazon. The demand for books for reading in soft copy is high. People are after kindle ebooks so as to save themselves of having a library or a shell for their books, they prefer to get them within their reach so that they will get it portable for their use. To achieve your aims in making money with ebooks, you have to learn how to publish kindle ebooks on Amazon.

However, there are other platforms that allow publishers to publish books so that they can sell and earn from it, but in this article we will learn about Amazon ebooks publishing.

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What is a Kindle ebook?

A kindle ebook is a portable electronic device developed by Amazon that allows you to download books via wireless technology so that you can have access to it later. The kindle was launched in the year 2012.

Amazon kindle ebooks
Kindle ebook

Recently, the version of kindle released allows users to stream video as well as music. You can download PDFs of any type so that you can make use of it later. The kindle has a good space where you can save a lot of online publishing ebooks in the form of PDF to your kindle.

You might have several questions to ask about Amazon Books Publishing. Here are the possible answers to your question on publishing Kindle ebooks on Amazon.

Is publishing Kindle ebooks a good idea for money making?

If you are a good author that has a proven idea that you can sell well on Amazon, then there is profit to publishing a kindle on Amazon. Amazon is an online store with millions of publishers and buyers. Make your kindle ebook good and you will be able to sell well on Amazon,that will make you earn a good amount of money.

As a publisher, you may like to ask this question on how profitable is kindle publishing in 2021. Let’s answer you here. There are small businesses you can start without much capital. Here is my article on 6 most profitable small business.

Is kindle publishing still profitable in 2021?

The sole aim of every seller is to make money. A thing to consider before getting to do what you will do so as to make money is to ask yourself how profitable it will be.

As a kindle publisher you have about 70% ebook royalties than direct books publishers. That is why KDP is still profitable in 2021. When you gain the royalties in publishing then you can make a good amount with kindle publishing.

How to make money by publishing ebook on Amazon
Amazon books

You can make 35% profit from kindles that are $0.99 to $2.98 royalty for each book sold, and then you can make 70% royalty on the kindles books sold for about $2.99 to $9.99.

How long does it take to publish a Kindle on Amazon.

To publish a kindle on Amazon it will take you sometimes, not up to a day either, but you can achieve that when you follow the steps below. Use the steps given below.

Follow these steps so that you can publish a kindle on Amazon.

How to Publish an Ebook on Amazon

Step 1: Create a KDP Account.

KDP stands for Direct Publishing Account.

For you to create a KDP account you need to visit You will be required to click on “Sign In” or “Sign up”. Click on sign in if you have a KDP account, if not then click on Sign up to create a new account. To be accepted into the Amazon KDP you need to accept their Terms and Conditions. When loaded you will be directed into your Amazon dashboard.

To get started on creating kindle ebooks. Click Here to get started.

Step 2:

You will be required to add a new kindle ebook title. If this is your first book on Amazon kindle, you won’t have any list available. Click on the box on the side with the + sign to add your kindle title. At the process of the registration, if you decide to pause so that you will come back to continue later then click on save as draft.

Step 3:

Set your primary language. There is a list of languages available. The language selected should be the language at which the book you are publishing is written.

Step 4:

Still under kindle book details after you have selected your language, you will be required to add your book title and subtitle. However, the subtitle is optional.

Note: Your book title is very important because it plays a vital role in the sale of your book.  Add a book title that will attract sales as well as the value to be gotten in the ebook. Your book sale will attract readers depending on the title and the cover.

Step 5:

Enter the name of the Author.

If there is more than one author then add the name of the main author and others in the contribution section. Author name should be in line with the name on the book cover.

Step 6:

Add a description to your book. The description will help the readers have a glitch look at your book before getting the main contents.

The description is the power of your kindle ebook sale on Amazon. Amazon allows a publisher to add up to 4,000 characters in the description section. With that you can convince your buyers of your book. That will drive a lot of sales to your ebook.

Step 7:

You will be required to verify your publishing rights.

You will tick, “I own the copyright and I hold the publishing rights” or you should tick “This is a public domain work”. If you are the owner of the book then you should select the first button.

You will be required to add 7 keywords that best describe your book in the seven spaces given. Keywords can be seen literally as topic sentences or key ideas. Keywords play a technical part in your ebook publishing and sale. Check them out. Those keywords play a part in search engines to help suggest your ebooks to searchers on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex and so others.

Step 8: Choose your book categories in the set category.

Click and then select the right category for your kindle ebook. You are permitted to choose up to two categories by clicking on the “+” button.

Step 9:

Choose the best range at which your kindle is. It can be either age range or grade.

Step 10:

Choose how to release your book on Amazon.

It’s either you choose, “I am ready to release my book now” or “make my kindle ebook available for pre order”.

Step 11: Select your Digital Rights Management (DRM)

In this step you will be required to select your DRM. You will see, “Enable DRM on this kindle ebook”. There is a button to select whether ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  This DRM will prevent the audience from copying your ebook or sending it to other people without your prior right.

After selecting that, then upload your ebook.

Step 12:  Upload your book cover.

This helps in good user experience. You have an option there to create a book cover using their cover creator tool or you can upload the book cover you already created.

Step 13: Make a preview for your ebook.

This will help you read and test to know what is lacking from your book and what you need to add. Check your cover and also read your book over and over again. This will help you figure out some errors that occur during writing or publishing.

Reviewing your book over and over again is not fun but to get a good user experience and make your readers pay for the value you provide.

Step 14: Provide ISBN

ISBN is not necessary if you are only publishing on Amazon. Just Save and continue.

Step 16: KDP selects enrollment and territories.

For KDP enrollment is not that necessary, you can skip or add it up later.

However, for territories: Select all territories so your Kindle ebook will be available on Amazon worldwide except for a reason.

Step 17: Select your royalty and pricing.

Select between 35% and 70%. It seems obvious but it pays more. Choose Amazon as your marketplace.

Step 18: Add your book to matchbook and book lending.

This is up to you though, but if you want up to the 70% royalty then you have to add.

Step 19: You can now publish your book.

You are free to publish your ebook now, but if you don’t want to save it at the moment then you can save it to draft.

Now that you have gotten answers to the question that kept you down from publishing your Kindle on Amazon, this is the best time to pick up your pen and get back to work.

You might have written and kept, go ahead and publish if you have not written any and you want to get started then you are still not late.

When you publish a good ebook on Amazon you will have good sales and you will be able to make a reasonable amount for yourself. Another part added to publishing books on Amazon is that you will sell your books to a wide audience as well as you can get in touch with other publishers in your niche.


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