Intechcloud Hosting Review

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About Intechcloud Hosting Company.

Start your Hosting from as low as ₦199.99

Intechcloud hosting review

Get Started With Intechcloud Hosting

You can run as much as two domains with this plan.

Intechcloud Hosting is the first cloud base hosting company in Africa with over 10 thousand users worldwide.

Why you should choose Intechcloud Hosting.

Intechcloud Hosting offer several services that any web designer or developer will need to store their files.

Get Started With Intechcloud Hosting

Host your website with Intechcloud Hosting?

When you choose Intechcloud Hosting, you will get all the flexibility , reliability, speed and security you need to build your website with. These are the most important services needed by a customer from a hosting company.

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Services Offered by Intechcloud Hosting.

Here are the Services that Intechcloud Hosting Company offers.


  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Business Cloud
  3. VPS Cloud
  4. WordPress Hosting
  5. Domain Name

Reseller Hosting

  1. cPanel Reseller
  2. Master Reseller
  3. Alpha Master Reseller

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About Intechcloud Hosting Support

intechcloud hosting review

Intechcloud hosting has a 24/7 customer support. They reply their email in a short while with a live customer support as well.

If you have any issue with Intechcloud Hosting you can chat them live and they will show you the way out. If persisted, they will help you out. This sounds good right?

Here is something you should know about Intechcloud.

Intechcloud have their own ads services known as intechAds. They offer advertisement services for people. They have publishers that advertise. You may decide to run ads with intechAds or serve as a publisher as well.

Intechcloud are doing really good in the recent years and they are ready to help you scale through your blogging career and running a website for your business.

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