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This is the privacy policy that works guides the use of this site.

Here at, one of our priorities is the privacy of our audience. The privacy policy contains how information is collected and used on our site.
If there is question or additional information that you want clear understanding about you can contact instantly by reaching us in our contact us page.
This privacy policy is applied on our online services and is only valid to the services seen available. All information collected offline has no issue with the online services seen. Meaning, our privacy policy does not work with our offline services.


As you access our website, you agree with our website privacy policy as well as our Terms and Conditions given below which governs the use of this site.


Important Notice. The Terms and Conditions that governs the use of this site.
By accessing this site shows your acknowledgement and acceptance of this Terms and Conditions. A change can come up every day on this terms of service use at any time. With that, you are always advice to visit our terms of service whenever you access Genialpeak. All changes implemented later constitute your acceptance as well. Make sure you check on this Terms and Conditions regularly so as to be updated to our latest updates.
Our Terms and Conditions are as follows.

1. Accessing this site

This site is free for everyone to access it. The information in this blog is for your use and it will benefit you. Always visit the blog for fast updates. Moreover, you are free to access this blog at your convenience location.

2. Restrictions

Genialpeak has the right to restrict your access to this site. Any illegal activities found by the user will be timely handle and you may lose access to this site.

i. For you not to lose access to this site, make sure all activities that you will do on this site those not violates any of our terms of service.

ii. Do not use this site for any commercial purpose without the prior authorization from Genialpeak. Co-branding of this site is not permitted in any form, except with a written permission from Genialpeak.

3. Access to information

All written contents in this site as well as video contents are all written or created and admitted by Genialeak.
You should not copy, republish, upload or transmit any information from Genialpeak without the consent of Genialpeak team.

Printing of information from Genialpeak for personal use is acceptable. The information obtained from Genialpeak for personal use should be use for legal and educational purpose. In line with that, you are not to alter or remove any business name, logo or title to suit yours. Modification of information gotten from this site is not permitted, except that which is modified by Genialpeak.

Any information in this site that is not owned by Genialpeak has gone through approval by the authorized team. The party that owns the contents in this site has all right associated with it. Contents by the third party can be brought down when instructed by the party.

4. External links

This site may contain links to other sites which are not handling or in any form related to the contents in Genialpeak. Genialpeak does not review any of those links such links. Therefore, Genialpeak are not responsible to any of the contents that are redirects except for reference or referral. Check or referral disclosure to know about our referral links.

5. Information we collect

You are hereby permitted to submit contents, graphics, remarks, suggestions or ideas to Genialpeak for publication. However, all contents submitted to Genialpeak must undergo review from it editorial team before it can be approved for publication.

Information that is confidential will not be accepted on the site unless otherwise granted permission from the original owner of the information. Such information that bare confidential details include Name, Surname, Date of birth, Age, Net worth, Relative name or details and more, Genialpeak will see them as confidential.

However, if you contact us directly we will require additional information from you. The information that we may collect from you will be seen as follows; information such as your name, email address, contact information and your residential address. With that we will go ahead to accept the message or information that you are to send to us. The information we collected from you for better recognition will not be released at any form except if agreed by both parties.

6. Liability Limitation

Genialpeak will not be responsible for user’s damages which may be physical or emotional damages. Damages that may arise with the name of our authors, officers, directors, editors, contributors as well as agents will not be condole by Genialpeak.

7. Information you provide

You may not post contents in this site related to;

i. Posting a material from a third party.                                                                                                                             ii. Materials that contains illegal acts.
iii. Post that are indecent.
iv. Post that does not match the contents in Genialpeak.
v. Contents that will harm the interest of users as well as children.
vi. Contents that may be consider to violate any law or totally violates the law.
vii. Adverts or any placement on this site must be authorized by the site owners.
viii. Programs that contains virus or any other computer code that will interrupt or limit the functionality of this site won’t be approved.

8. Unauthorized Activities

Genialpeak is not responsible for any contents that may lead to scam or collecting of data from it users.
Genialpeak has the right to monitor any contents or advertisement placement on this site.

9. Site Security

Passwords are used by the authors and moderators of this site only. Genialpeak will not be responsible for any password or program that will stop you from accessing Genialpeak.

By accessing this blog shows that you have read and agreed to the terms of use and privacy policy of this blog. Genialpeak will not face the law or any consequences that may occur due to your access to this site.

Moreover, additional terms of use and policy of this site may be updated, corrected or added at any time. You should ensure that you go through these terms of service whenever you access this site.

10. Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate links are available in this blog. We earn commission whenever you click on our affiliate link for product or referral. The product or business owners are responsible for the affiliate commission.